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Marketing is one of the most important things a business can do. work. Marketing not only builds brand awareness, it can also increase sales, grow business and engage customers. There are so many basic business functions that flow from a good marketing plan that any SME would be foolish not to give it strategic importance.

Digital marketing, web marketing, e-marketing: how to navigate today in such a wide field of names ? With the digital explosion of the last twenty years, the concept of digital marketing has greatly expanded and now includes all practices related to marketing that use media and web channels.

Definition of digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to all marketing techniques employed on digital channels to promote your offer. It also includes the entire technical ecosystem that allows you to personalize an offer. It could be:

  1. Optimizing a website to be effective
  2. ​​Mobile app development
  3. ​​Of the use of social networks
  4. Social selling
  5. Online Advertising
  6. ​​Natural referencing (SEO) to gain visibility
  7. Inbound marketing to attract Internet users and turn them into prospects and then into customers
  8. Digital Stock Analysis
  9. Setting up a business blog
  10. ​​Etc…
Why is digital marketing useful for your business?
1. Because digital marketing makes business accessible to everyone

Previously, marketing campaigns were reserved for companies with a big advertising budget, to multinationals. Today, digital marketing has redistributed the cards. The company that starts up and has little means rivals with the biggest. She no longer has any complex to have and takes her share of the market.
With digital marketing, even a freelancer starting a business can implement a simple business process that was previously impossible. No need for a call center, you can communicate easily and efficiently with several customers, who are sometimes at the end of the world.


2. Because your consumers are now digital

93% of consumers who purchased a product from a major retailer did a search on the Internet before (source: Mappy/BVA barometer). Hence the importance of being well positioned on the requests of Internet users: this is called the SEO. So for your business, you no longer have a choice, you must make visible and establish a digital strategy that goes beyond a simple presence on Facebook, a strategy that will turn Internet users into customers.


3. Because digital marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing

It is estimated that a small business can grow to no less than 1,000 people for only $3 thanks to social media and the digital space. For the same audience, contact by post or television advertising would cost between $28 and $57!


4. Because ROI is perfectly measurable

All actions performed on digital are traceable and measurable. ROI of your marketing actions is finally identifiable, and your efforts recognized!


5. Because actions are flexible

From planning to execution, everything happens before your eyes and you keep track of every activity. You can stop or pause your digital actions from an unsatisfactory first intercourse, which will allow you to save time and money.(unlike a regular billboard which will be paid for in advance with no guarantee of payback).

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Community Management

The community management has now become essential. Community management represents a real opportunity for brands by providing them with visibility at a controlled cost.Nowadays, community management occupies an increasingly important place in communication and its growth will not stop there. Consumer behavior has changed over time: they find out more about products and companies before buying. It is therefore essential for companies that have not done so yet, to be able to integrate a social media strategy in their communication.

The importance of e-reputation and community

After-sales service for certain companies, reports and analyzes related to digital marketing or publication management: community management handles many tasks. If notoriety and visibility of brands and companies are our main objectives, we also know how to sustainably unite a community of connected people and Internet users via the tools provided by growth hacking. Our tasks are then to ensure a digital audit then to define a strategy according to the positioning and the objectives to be achieved .

We carry out actions aimed at strengthening the image and identity of your company. Compliance with a clear digital editorial line must be ensured and our responsiveness is assured. In line with the techniques of digital marketing, we are in a way influencers and trend setters. The goal is then to generate more leads and E-reputation, promotional campaigns, contests, advertisements and animations: everything is good for branding your company a real spearhead in terms of digital marketing.

What is your community?

Your “community” is not in one location, but actually your community is spread over the internet. Your community is on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, forums, and even the comments section of ‘articles. Your community consists of your current customers, your target audiences, and everyone who interacts directly and indirectly with your brand online.
Brands that don’t have a community management plan are missing opportunities to:

  1. Handle customer complaints
  2. Turn customers into loyal fans
  3. Winning influencers and potential customers
  4. Network and partner with other brands
  5. Get valuable feedback on your products
  6. Being the coolest voice in a comment section
Community management vs social media marketing

It is important to understand the difference between community management and social media marketing, because they each have their own priorities.

Social media marketing is the production and distribution of social content to reach new customers and communicate with your current customers. Here you can focus on things like the reach, engagement, and traffic a post drives to your site.

Community management is what happens after and beyond your posting on the social networks. This is part of customer service, listening to the internet, and actively participating in discussions about your brand.

While social media marketing broadcasts a one-to-many message,</ span>community management often begins on a smaller, more intimate scale. But it can boost your brand presence both on and off your social media pages.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Paul Tournier
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Community management presents your brand to the world as a friendly and knowledgeable personality that others can’t help but want to engage with.
Invest in a strong community and you will build a fan base loyal who will defend your name and brand and even come to your aid when you need it.