Desktop Development

Itis inevitable, computing is increasingly present in all sectors ! And this is very often because it saves considerable time compared to the old management systems. For this, all domains require adapted software allowing automate certain tasks and thus gain in profitability. This is why we offer our customers the development of applications fully adapted to their needs and their situation.

For a growing percentage of users, the desktop app is already dead. Most of the needs of desktop application users have been met in web applications for years now. And more and more desktop apps are being replaced every day as browsers become more robust, more powerful and offer more features. Do all applications have to be web applications? Of course not. There will always continue to be exceptions and software sets that have nothing to do with the web

Your desktop app

The evolution of programming languages, web browsers and the smartphone revolution have upset our consumption usages applications. Uses are changing and so are end-user expectations. Some use cases cannot be replaced entirely by a web application or mobile (Banking, VOD, Industry, B2B, computing power,) The team STILLFORCE expert is able to support you in the complete development of your desktop application.

The OSes We Manage
1- Microsoft Windows, market leader

No need to introduce Windows from Microsoft, version installed on more than 90% of personal PCs worldwide. Developing an application on this platform requires extensive knowledge of the Windows ecosystem in order to guarantee the quality of development and compliance with current standards.

2- MacOS

Mac OS X is Windows’ main competitor. Developed and marketed by Apple, it is present on every Mac. The strengths of this system remain its intuitiveness as well as its reliability and power. A macOS application requires a certain expertise to make the user experience exceptional. We will thus combine UI quality, performance, stability and security.

Native approach

The first approach to creating a desktop application is to use so-called native technologies. Namely, Swift/Cocoa for Apple macOS systems and C# .NET/WPF for Microsoft Windows. The advantage of these is a high quality of rendering, performance and B2B deployment facilitated by compliance with current IS standards.

WebApp approach

The second approach is to use hybrid applications using ElectronJs. If your application does not require specific functionality, this approach is the most suitable. WhatsApp, Slack or even Visual Studio Code are perfect examples of what using this technology can give. So there’s no reason not to get started.

Windows specifics

In order to accelerate the number of applications on the Store, Microsoft proposes to create Universals Apps. What is this ? It is very simple ! Since Windows devices have the same set of APIs, developing an application available on all devices requires managing a common code part and a specific part. This last point targets the management of screens which will surely be arranged differently depending on Windows Phone which is a 4, 5 or 6 inch device or a desktop station which is 13 inches.

The unification of the platforms makes it easy to take the plunge, by submitting a Windows 8.1 application and a Windows Phone 8.1 application to the Store.
Another novelty: the possibility of developing applications on Android and iOS. The Visual Studio 2015 release redistributes the Android SDK and an Android VM as part of running tests. It is integrated into Xamarin to create applications on different phones, in C# programming, without having to develop on Java for Android or Objective-C for iOS.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Paul Tournier

Web Development

Every time you browse the web, whatever application or site you go to, there is a web developer behind it who designed its architecture. In the digital era, any idea must be transformed into website or web application. To offer you quality applications or websites at the top of technology, Stillforce ensures the creation of web platforms, through the best open source platforms such as Django, Laravel, CodeIgniter, React JS, Angular JS, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and symfony.

Whatever your project idea, whether it’s an education, commerce, transport, project management, catering, online game, forum, webmail or blog project, a web application or a website should help you materialize your project.

What is a By Fact web application?

A web application is “a program that runs on a PC with a web server while users interact with it from a web browser”, regardless of whether the browser is on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

You use web applications constantly. Email services like Gmail and Yahoo or cloud-based document management products like Google Docs, for example. But also Facebook games running from the browser like Candy Crush or FarmVille.

Stages of web development at STILLFORCE
  1. Specifications

    The quality of everything else will depend on the quality of this step. Our advice: get professional help. It is better to take a day of advice now than to lose 10 times more in the graphic part or on the returns of validation.

  2. The wireframe

    here we determine the mechanism that will give a ergonomic site here the objective is to draw the interfaces and define how we go from one page to another.

  3. The model

    Here we go from wireframes to models made by a graphic designer on ​​Photoshop or Illustrator

  4. Integration

    Here we go from wireframes to models made by a graphic designer on ​​Photoshop or Illustrator

  5. Development

    This is about writing the source codes of your application or website.

  6. Internal testing

    Here we run your site in all intended browsers and test functions, displays, and then fix any discrepancies.

  7. Customer receipt

    It’s finally the day when you receive your new working tool, you’ll have to triturate in all directions in order to be on that it corresponds to the initial brief.

  8. Putting it online

    We recommend not to choose your host lightly because there is everything. Choose a host with good quality solutions, especially for protection against external attacks.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Paul Tournier

Mobile Development

We can no longer escape it, mobile applications are everywhere ! Whether to do shopping, playing games or watching live TV, they are as numerous as they are varied. There are even some for children so that they develop their vocabulary or learning to read and count.

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, driven in part by the heightened use of mobile devices. Smartphones are now utilized by a gobsmacking half of the world’s population. That’s nearly 4 billion global smartphone holders. These tech-savvy users are looking for fast, easy ways to do everything from banking to shopping right from their phones. Mobile apps are a key way to connect with this potential market.
But, for companies, what are the benefits of developing a mobile application?

Benefits of mobile apps for business You need to know
1- Privileged contact with your customers

Downloading a mobile app is already a first alliance. Thus, you are convinced that all those who have downloaded your Application are sensitive to your message and your products and services. Be directly present on your audience’s smartphone, it’s already a big plus!

2- Cost-effective marketing

Unlike a website, a Mobile Application allows you to send ​​“push” notifications directly to your audience. Do you have an important ​​news to communicate? Do you want to launch a promotional campaign? Do you want to talk about a corporate event? Your app will allow you to send a notification to anyone who installed it.


3- An advertisement accepteds

Users download your mobile application themselves, so it is not intrusive Thus, the mobile user does not even perceive this software as a marketing tool. This method of communication and retention is not intrusive in the life of the customer, it only brings added value. The perception of your company by the user is therefore positive. At the same time, you reinforce their confidence in your business.

4- Client faithfulness

What is the object that we always carry with us? Our smartphone, of course! And yes, having an application allows the consumer to see your brand every day on the desk of his phone… Because of this proximity, it makes it a very good relational marketing tool.

5- Show a more serious image of your company

Today, most companies offer a mobile version of their site. On the other hand, few companies have a Mobile Application developed. So this is both an opportunity to stand out from the competition, and ​​show a serious and professional image to your audience.

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There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Paul Tournier